Before the Bridge
Senior K9 Rescue
Please be aware that we are a Rescue not a Shelter.  We depend on foster families to take care of the dogs.  They are not kept in a central location or in cages. 

Welcome to Before the Bridge Senior K9 Rescue

Before the Bridge Senior K9 Rescue is a volunteer operated, non-profit rescue group located in Stony Mountain, Manitoba. We rescue senior dogs in need that have been surrendered, neglected or dumped in a pound and help them to find permanent, loving homes to live out their days.

Before the Bridge Senior K9 Rescue places dogs with loving foster families, who care for the dogs until they find their forever homes. The foster families and volunteers are the foundation of Before the Bridge and we couldn't operate without them.

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Each and every donation is deeply appreciated. Every penny goes towards saving the life of one of these beautiful, deserving canine companions.

Featured Dog:


              Thumper is an 8 yr old smooth coat Doxie. His owner loved him a little too much. When his owner passed away no one in the family wanted him. I am happy to report thumper almost has a waist line. He is starting to slim down. He is house trained and vetted. Good w others. I had blood work done to check out his thyroid . Everything came back great. He is the happiest little dude ever. His tail never stops wagging. Just takes him a bit to get wherever he is going and can only do a few stairs right now.

Update from his foster family:
Thumper’s energy level is picking up by leaps and bounds and he is behaving like a dog now, however to say he is low energy would be a stretch. When we started exercising he soon realized it was work and most often on our walks you will see our arses sticking up in the air as we try to roll him over and back into an upright position. He now knows to stop, drop and roll continuously with his tail just wagging for pets and cuddles until he sees the house up ahead and then its a Thumper sprint to the front door to find a sunbeam to lay in. This little guy is all about relaxation, chewing stuffies and following everyone about the yard during the day. That is where he is getting most of his exercise so we do whatever works for him. I think a couple willing to work on his weight who are home most of the day would be super for him. He howls when left alone so an apartment or condo wouldn’t work, although another dog tends to stop the howling as he doesn’t feel so alone. Still I wouldn’t trust that situation as I’m sure other tenants wouldn’t appreciate the noise. This dog doesn’t need children or cats in his life however if there are dog savvy children he certainly won’t say no to some pets.  That being said he will attempt to stop any playing that he deems unnecessary, party pooper for sure. Hope this helps in the search for Thumper’s forever family.

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