Available Seniors

ADOPTION TRIAL - TOTO is a 15 year old terrier mix, is a very chill boy. He is content to follow his human around, wanting to know where you are. As an older gentleman, he can no longer hear you, and he is ok with that. Toto loves his walks around the neighbourhood, and meeting all of the other dogs along the way. He enjoys passing the day lounging in the cool shade of his yard. Cataracts have taken away much of his site, yet he has quickly learned to navigate his way around his foster home and yard. He quickly learned exactly where to turn to get back home on his walks. He is very quiet and calm around the children who love to pat his very soft curly fur. He is at his best when his human is home, making him feel more comfortable and safe. Toto would be the perfect companion , and may benefit from having another dog in his forever home.