Available Seniors

RESCUE UPDATE: You will notice that very few dogs are being posted under our adoptable seniors album. Because of the Virus we have had to cancel a number of our larger fund raising events. We fund raise to pay for vetting of our senior dogs. So we have had to be mindful of how many dogs we can bring in and how many we can afford to vet. Of late we have brought in dogs who are high demand in being hypoallergenic and they are adopted before I post them. Explaining the shortage of dogs available listed in our Adoptable Seniors Album. Thank you for your continuted support and we are hoping we will know what the new normal is sooner than later. In the meantime enjoy your summer. 

Meet OLAF a 3 1/2 to 4 year old Chi Mix. Olaf was relinquished as he was attacked by bigger dogs and he ended up with a punctured lung and was very lucky as the the bites just missed his heart. He is scheduled to be neutered. He is a little barky with bigger dogs, because of fear. Very easily corrected. He loves to snuggle and cuddle.