Available Seniors

Meet Tom who went on an adoption trial November 23 and was returned to rescue through no fault of his own. Tom is approximately 9 years old Bali Dog, which is a breed in Bali made up of a Basenji and a Lab cross. He is an altered male who came all the way from the beaches of Bali in a joint rescue effort.

He’s UTD on shots, great with other dogs, but not cat tested. Tom is also housetrained which was a pleasant surprise!

Tom is a sweet loving boy who wants nothing but to be petted, snuggle with his person. He’s one of the most interesting looking dogs we’ve had in some time. His darker spots are a beautiful tiger like brindle and his white areas are covered in adorable freckles.

Tom does require walks and he loves to play. He shows signs of separation anxiety and boredom and would do better with someone who works from home or is retired. He ate a dog bed because he was bored and anxious, so excersize would be a must. He is currently being crate trained and doing well.