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Meet Linus and Harmony. They are 11 ½ years old, blue heeler/golden retriever mix. These 2 dogs really needed some TLC , Harmony did not go to a vet in 5 years and Linus hasn't been at a vet for many years. Both are fixed and their shots are now up to date. They came in with ear infections that we're not treated. Linus right now has a persistent ear infection that is still being treated. Harmony has a cauliflower ear, which means she has had chronic ear infections possibly due to food allergies, she is now on hypoallergenic food and it seems to be working. Linus had dental and only lost one tooth. Linus was never taken for walks, he now goes for walks with Harmony and they walk well together. Linus will lunge and barks at cyclists, people and other dogs. He is a work in progress. Linus does not want to be outside unless you are outside with him. He likes to do his business and come in, Harmony likes to be outside but is vocal with the neighbors and people walking by on the street. Another work in progress. Harmony''s water intake is excessive and she has been tested for diabetis, tyroid, cushings etc. Tests came back negative. It was determined that she has a disorder which her brain tells her she is thirsty when she is not. Her water intake is now being monitored. Harmony is a garbage hound so will need to put it up and or have a good lid on it. They love when people come to visit. They love attention and thrive on it. They love going for walks and car rides. 

Note: Oct. 20, 2020 -LINUS had another vet visit as he was limping. X-rays have confirmed he has arthiritis in his hips and front legs. He also has bone spurs so is on pain meds and his walks will now be cut in half. These two are looking for find their forever home where they can live out their days being spoiled and loved to pieces. They are a package deal as they have been together their whole lives. They are good dogs and so easy to love.